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Wood rot is nasty, especially when you get it on the underside of the overhang where your roof and gutter meet. Kansas City wood rot repair is something that many homeowners eventually end up needing, especially when dealing with storm damage.   At G & G, we’re always talking about “damage that you can’t see,” and wood rot is the result of this kind of damage. When shingles take damage and let even small amounts of water drip down to where the roof and gutters meet, you end up with water pooling on the wood overhang on the inside of the home. Since this part of the frame isn’t painted, and since there’s not much evaporation taking place or direct sunlight, the water seeps into the wood. What eventually transpires is mold growth and overall degradation of the structure. Wood rot repair Kansas City goes hand in hand with roof repair and replacement, especially if the problem has been ongoing. Backed up gutters also contribute to the problem. Avoiding wood rot takes a combination of making sure roofing is in good shape and that gutters are clear and draining properly. If you’ve noticed that the overhang on your home is looking cracked or discolored, or if you’ve started to notice mold, it’s likely that you need Kansas City wood rot repair and possibly roof maintenance. Call our HAAG certified inspectors today if you think you’re seeing damage from wood rot. We give you the honest estimates you need to make informed decisions, plus we can contract to repair any of your roofing, guttering and general home structure needs. Once we’ve gone through everything we think you need for repairs, we help you document the damage and will even be present when an insurance inspector comes to your home to evaluate a claim (sometimes we notice things that they miss). Don’t let your home’s structure and appearance suffer, get rid of Kansas City wood rot and keep it from coming back with the roofing and restoration team at G & G.

Thursday, 03 July 2014 20:40 Written by G&G Restoration Storm damage repair costs hundreds of millions every year. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that our Kansas City area is prone to roof damage from any one of the many storms we tend to get in a year. While most haven’t been come with tornadoes this season, we still face the very real possibilities of wind damage and the need for Kansas City roof repair. The most common shingled roofs in the Kanas City area are designed with weather in mind, but when it comes to extreme weather like hail and high velocity straight line winds, there is no telling what the final roof damage could look like. While some loses entire shingles, others need storm damage repair that is less obvious to the eye. Sometimes even your insurance company’s inspectors are not trained to look for this kind of damage, which is why you need a storm damage repair specialist. G & G Restoration are certified HAAG inspectors – meaning that we have a team of trained professionals who know how to look beyond the obvious. Kansas City roof repair is much less painless when the damage is discovered before it becomes a disaster. Hail, wind and debris, like falling tree limbs, can damage the structure of even a sturdily built roof. If you aren’t having your home inspected for roof damage after severe weather, you could be costing yourself thousands of dollars in the long run. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with G & G, we’re easy to work with and deliver top-quality service as an Owens Corning preferred contractor. If you do have damage, it may be the right time to upgrade your home’s roof anyway! G & G Restoration offers thermal siding and specialty Pink Panther insulation that keeps the heat out during the summer and in during winter. Storm damage doesn’t have to be all bad. With the help of our experienced team that works with you and your insurance company, your new Kansas City roof could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run with the proper insulation! If you’ve suffered Kansas City storm damage, or live in a nearby area that has, get in touch with G & G today and get a roof that protects the value of your home. Tuesday, 24 June 2014 21:34 Written by G&G Restoration

With summer heating up, it’s time to keep your home cool with fresh thermal vinyl siding.   Thermal siding is a new take on the classic vinyl siding that adds extra protection and energy savings to your home. Thermal siding is designed to look a lot like traditional siding, but in fact it’s tougher, better looking and adds an additional layer of thermal protection to your home. The way it works is fairly straightforward. Regular siding leaves a gap between your home and the siding panels themselves, trapping heat during the hot summer months and keeping a layer of cold close to the surface during the winter. Thermal siding includes an extra layer of insulation attached to the back of the siding panels themselves, removing this gap and keeping the heat in during winter and out during summer. Thermal siding can increase the efficiency of your heating or cooling by as much as 20 percent! You don’t have to be an eco buff to appreciate the impact that has on the environment and on your heating and cooling bills! Thermal siding isn’t just more energy efficient, it also offers more protection against impact and other types of damage. In Kansas City, hail is not an unusual occurrence – so having a better product to protect your home is a great idea. Some brands claim to be more than 500 percent more resistant to cracks and impacts from objects. Also, because the siding removes much of the space between your home and the siding itself, there is less opportunity to suffer wind damage from the severe storms that often plague our region. As if all this weren’t enough, it can also help insulate against noise. Your home can be more enjoyable, more efficient and safer during severe weather season by making the change over to thermal siding. It’s guaranteed and it will pay for itself in the money it saves you over the long term.

Friday, 30 May 2014 21:04 Written by G&G Restoration Mother Nature doesn’t care about your roof as it has proven time and again this season with with damaging hail storms in Kansas City and the surrounding areas. Don’t worry though, your insurance company makes up for it by caring more about your roof than almost any other part of your house. Insurance companies know that roofs are the key to seriously damaging a home because roof damage invariably leads to interior damage, compounding repair costs and ultimately how much insurers have to pay out. With insurance companies moving more and more toward using ‘actual cash value’ to determine how much to pay homeowners for damaged roofs instead of helping pay full replacement costs, homeowners need to carefully consider a few key factors when thinking about roof replacement. First, when purchasing a new roof, make sure to pick the right materials for the area where you live – for example, a wood shake roof is a bad choice, and will be extremely expensive to insure, in an area prone to wildfires (if you can even convince an insurance company to underwrite it at all). Second, longevity is a key factor when choosing new roofing materials and should be carefully considered – slate, for example, is extremely resilient against the wrath of Mother Nature and has a lifespan measured in decades. The disadvantages of slate, however ideal a choice it might be in the Kansas City area, are in the material’s weight and cost. Check out this handy guide for details on the different types of roofing to help you decide which one is right for your home. Playing the game of materials versus insurance coverage versus natural weather disasters is always tricky though, and having an expert of your side can make a big difference. Our roofing experts, as an example, are HAAG certified to inspect homes for damage (that even insurance claims adjusters often miss) and help clients work with their insurance companies to find the best materials for their homes, at the best prices while bearing future insurance premiums and longevity in mind. Wednesday, 14 May 2014 21:13 Written by G&G Restoration Ever wondered what baseball sized hail looks like? Last week folks in the greater Kansas City area had the unfortunate chance to experience what this was like firsthand. Topeka, North Kansas City, KCK, Lawrence and Liberty all experienced some version of this extreme hail damage. The storm damage was widespread and fairly extreme in many locations, and in some places, hail even broke directly through the roofs of some people’s homes! Hail this extreme also causes damage to siding, gutters and even patios. Now we begin the cleanup phase for the entire incident. If you received hail in your area, you likely have some damage to your home, roof, windows and even more. If all you’ve noticed is, for example, a broken window because of hail, you may not have noticed what is going on on the top of your home. Insurance companies are aware of the damage, but claims adjustors can also miss things when evaluating your home for damage. You need a professional, certified inspector to make sure that you’re getting a fair deal for the damage that was actually done. Sometimes damage to roofs isn’t obvious, and we know what to look for that goes beyond what the surface looks like. Getting it repaired right away is the only way to stop roof leaks and ultimately damage to the interior of your home. As certified roofing inspectors and Owens Corning Preferred contractors, G&G is the area’s premier choice for roofing in Kansas City. If you live in one of the areas affected by hail as identified in the map above, please give us a call as soon as possible to schedule an inspection! We’ll help you deal with your insurance company and give you the piece of mind that comes with a certified Angie’s List Super Service provider!