We can handle almost any job. Need to save yourself construction time by getting roof repairs and siding at the same time? No problem. Tired of that old window that seems to be stuck open every winter? We can fix that too. We’ve undertaken projects from simple roof repairs to the construction of entirely new rooms – all while earning 13 Angie’s List Super Service Awards. Repair your home with G&G Restoration, Kansas City’s premier roofer and one of KC’s best general contractors.

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Due to the extreme weather variances Midwest residents must endure, both residential and commercial structures can take a beating. Heavy snow and ice, severe weather such as straight-line winds, hail and even tornadic activity, combined with the dry, baking heat of summer will wreak havoc on all buildings in the Midwest. We specialize in weather-related restorations during all times of the year! Learn More   While the initial cost for a premium metal roof is higher than most other roofing materials, you’ll save money in the long run. A metal roof can last a lifetime, whereas materials like asphalt require reproofing every 10 to 20 years. Commercial roofing is one of our specialties and we can use any kind of material that you prefer or that your business requires! Learn More   G&G Restoration offers certified, highly trained siding installation specialists. Our installation specialists are prepared to give you the best experience and quality construction. These high quality siding materials are available with G&G Restoration. Learn More   A general contractor is employed by a client on the advice of the architect or the architectural technologist. A general contractor must first assess the project-specific documents (referred to as tender documents). In the case of renovations, a site visit is required to get a better understanding of the project. The contractor will then calculate a price estimate. The general contractor considers the cost of materials and equipment as well as the cost of labor to provide the owner with an approximate price for the project. We offer general contracting services for projects large and small. Learn more