The previous owner of the home I purchased worked as a handy man and had made several improper modifications to the home while living there. One of these modifications was a storage room that was attached to the home. The storage room addition had wood rotting at the base due to exposure to moisture and was completely missing siding from one exterior wall. I was required to remove this addition and replace the roof for the home to be insurable through State Farm. I also had a gazebo which I had the roof removed and new shingles placed to match the home. The roof was removed and replaced using Owens Corning architectual shingles. The storage addition and the interior wooden shelving which occupied most of the space were removed with new siding installed to match the existing siding of the home.

The home looks great and has a more fresh and updated feel to it now. The new roof definitely makes my home stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood. With the exception of a few minor details no one would be able to tell any part of the storage addition had ever existed due to the new siding blending in with the existing siding. Geremiah was extremely helpful with giving me suggestions to other areas of the home which did not involve the roof or removal of the addition. The home was built in 1959 and needs a lot of work still so it was great to get an expert opinion about ideas for the future. Due to the cold weather I was told the shingles may not lay flat until the temperature is more warm, but Geremiah said he would return to repair any areas of the roof that did not meet my expectations if needed. Since having the work completed Geremiah has remained in touch several times just to ensure I was not in need of any further work on the home. It is great to know that G&G truly cares about their customers even after their current work is completed. From the beginning Geremiah was very responsive, eager to perform the work, and answered all my questions thoroughly. This was especially important to me after the local company I contacted did not even return my phone call. The entire work crew was very professional and from start to finish took two days to complete the job.

– Dana P. of Saint Joseph, MO